About Us

We are a media company that advocates for Black School Employees & Black Families, with children in K-12 school districts. We assist families with getting the services they need by holding school districts accountable.

Our advocates work to meet the unique needs of every Black Employee and Black Family for fair and equitable treatment in the educational system.

6 Objectives of the Black Student Advocate

  1. Reduce/Deter Bullying
  2. Educate Parents on Basic Student's Rights
  3. Increase Parent Involvement
  4. Increase Financial Literacy
  5. Improve Perception/Knowledge of Self
  6. STOP Pregnancy to Prison Pipeline (teach young women the importance of nutrition before pregnancy)

7-Point Plan for Black Students

This 7-point plan to be prioritized and implemented exclusively for Black students and families. Our recommendations are based upon several years of work informed by research and recommendations from culturally responsive and trained experts. 

  1. Tutoring and intervention earmarked in budgets and dedicated to Black students.
  2. Technological assistance and training be offered for parents prior to navigating new distance learning environments, so parents can be equipped to navigate the new online systems.
  3. African American studies to be included in all the curriculum for grades K-12.
  4. Train educators in culturally responsive instruction and restorative justice practices.
  5. Recruit and hire more Black/ African American educators.
  6. Trauma-informed approaches are to be utilized when dealing with racism and social-emotional learning.
  7. Allocate resources for Black/ African American parent engagement training that includes understanding educational systems and the various types of advocacy that support Black/ African American student achievement and success.

8 Priorities for Student Success

  1. * Student Achievement: measuring success through test scores, English proficiency, and college preparedness.
  2. * Implementation of Common Core state standards: transitioning to the new academic standards
  3. * Course Access: ensuring all students have access to classes that prepare them for college and career, regardless of what school they attend or where they live.
  4. * Basic Services: guaranteeing well-maintained school facilities and up-to-date materials
  5. * Student Engagement: focusing on steps schools can take to help kids feel more enthusiastic about learning so they miss fewer days and become more likely to graduate.
  6. * School Climate: promoting a calm, positive and productive school environment, including reducing suspension rates and misbehavior.
  7. * Parent Involvement: participating in school district decision-making and the progress being made by their children.
  8. * Other Student Outcomes: physical education, the arts, and other areas of study